Consultations on obtaining financing

Consultations on obtaining financing

Our experienced specialists will provide you with advice on obtaining the funding your farm and company need to grow. We will help you find the best financing sources and plans, based on the intended purpose of the financing.

1. Financing acquisition services.

  • Bank financing;
  • Risk capital financing;
  • Private investor financing.

2. Buying, selling and merging agricultural companies.

  • Advice on sales or investment options;
  • Selection and review of potential projects;
  • Preparation of calculations and materials necessary;
  • Business assessment;
  • Transaction management.

3. Obtaining financing from EU Funds

  • Advice on the state and structural fund support programmes available;
  • Development of a business plan and a financial forecast;
  • Submission of the project and its further management.

4. Sale of agricultural land and forest properties.

  • We will help you sell agricultural land or forest properties at the highest prices in Latvia.
  • Agricultural land;
  • Undeveloped forests, as well as partially and fully developed forests;
  • Young growths, clearings;
  • Felling sites and their development rights.

We believe that the agricultural sector has great potential, which is why agricultural businesses should sometimes be able to grow further. Our team has specialists with years of experience in what pertains to obtaining financing, and they will provide you with professional support, prioritising your interests.
Head of BaltuVet Vilnis Krauze

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