Advice in nutrition and setting feed dosages

Well-balanced feed is an investment in your animal’s health and welfare, and your own peace of mind. Our specialists will hear out your problems and goals, to develop the most suitable solution.
We only work with top-quality feed manufacturers that have proven themselves on the international market. You will get advice from competent specialists with years of experience and profound knowledge of animal health and nutrition.

Correctly fed animal = happy animal = happy owner!


What is your main goal?

We will help you find the best solutions and answers to your questions.

  • Are you looking to achieve better performance?
  • Do you want to reduce costs without affecting performance?
  • Is it necessary to determine feed dosages?
  • Is it necessary to improve animal health?

‘We believe that evidence-based and well-planned animal nutrition is a prerequisite for your farm achieving top performance, and for peace of mind for you. Well-balanced feed affects not only productivity, but also the health and welfare of your animals, all of which are important factors in achieving better business performance.’
BaltuVet animal nutrition specialist Anita Leitāne-Osīte

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