We offer top-quality affordable dog and cat food from the Dutch manufacturer Fokker.

Fokker provides a full range of dog and cat food. The product formulas can provide animals with the nutrients necessary at every stage of their lives. Fokker upholds top food and animal wellness standards.

Fokker uses the latest food development technologies. Studies to improve the quality of the food take place continuously on the Netherlands’ largest farms. This increases the accuracy of determining and improving the digestibility of food, and its effects on teeth, for example. The company collaborates closely with nutritionists, process engineers, veterinarians and major universities.

Advantages of Fokker food

  • Delicious and easily digestible
  • Keeps the skin healthy and the fur shiny
  • Helps bones and teeth grow strong
  • Faeces are uniform and almost odourless
  • Provides natural protection against diseases

Only the best raw materials are used to make the products, selected according to strict criteria, with the use of the latest technologies guaranteeing high-quality results.

The food does not contain:

  • GMOs;
  • artificial flavours;
  • colourants;
  • flavour enhancers.

Fokker: friends for life, making every day wonderful!

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