For cattle

For cattle

Our mission is to help you achieve your ambitious goals! High performance stems from healthy and productive animals, which requires well-designed nutrition, various preventive measures, environmental and other factors. We offer products and equipment intended both for dairy cattle and meat cattle.

Healthy and productive cattle = happy owners!

We offer:

  • Mineral feed
  • Mineral licks
  • Salt blocks
  • Protein source products
  • Energy source products
  • Mycotoxin binders
  • Products for preventive care of the digestive system
  • Liquid additives
  • Industrial additives (molasses, chalk, soda etc.)
  • Disinfectants and hygiene products for stalls
  • Disinfectants for milk lines and containers
  • Disinfectants and care products for udders
  • Hood care products
  • Additional equipment
  • Vaccines/medications


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