For calves

For calves

From the very birth of a calf, the nutritive, environmental and other factors affect how it will grow up, its health, productivity, fertility and other economically important indicators.

BaltuVet animal feed product specialist Laima Šauša

Satisfied and healthy calf = happy owner! 

We have developed a programme to grow strong and healthy calves.

We believe that successfully growing calves is based on 3 factors :




  • Milk substitutes
  • Milk inoculators
  • Starter feed
  • Mineral feed

Hygiene and preventive care

  • Digestive system preventive care products
  • Disinfectants and hygiene products


  • Calf pullers
  • Calf covers
  • Tests
  • Colostrum bags
  • Dosage units
  • Cow lifting devices
  • Calf houses
  • Calf feeders

Milk Bar calf feeders: new product from New Zealand! Available only at BaltuVet!

  1. Diarrhoea caused by feed?
  2. Mutual suckling?
  3. Uneven and insufficient weight gain?

We have a solution for feeding calves: Milk Bar, which are probably the best teats in the world!
This is the most simple and effective solution for growing strong and healthy calves!


About Milk Bar and its use/Milk Bar experience in Latvia

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