Privacy policy

Privacy policy

‘Baltu veterinārija’ joint stock company, registration number 40103629372, registered address: Rūpniecības iela 39, Jelgava, LV-3001, (hereinafter referred to as ‘BaltuVet’) undertakes to protect its clients’ privacy, which is why we have established privacy policy principles that pertain to collecting, using, publishing, transferring and storing personal data of our clients.
Our activities on this website comply with the law of the Republic of Latvia and the respective law of the European Union.
Please take a few minutes to find out about the principles of our privacy policy.

Legal grounds for personal data processing

1. BaltuVet processes client personal data based on the following legal grounds:

  • in order to conclude an agreement at the client’s request, and its fulfilment;
  • in order to fulfil duties set by binding external regulations;
  • if allowed to do so by the client or data subject;
  • in order to fulfil the duties assumed by BaltuVet and its client or specified in an agreement, or based on the legal interests of BaltuVet specified by the law.

2. The legal interests of BaltuVet include:

  • conducting its business;
  • verifying the client’s identity before concluding agreements;
  • ensuring the fulfilment of the client’s orders and/or contractual duties;
  • saving the client’s product and service orders, and notes about them (verbal or written);
  • analysing the performance of the BaltuVet website;
  • managing the BaltuVet client account;
  • advertising its products and services by sending promotional messages;
  • sending messages about the processing of applications and fulfilment of purchasing agreements;
  • preventing fraud;
  • managing purchases, payments and orders;
  • informing the general public of its activities. 

Purpose of personal data processing

3. BaltuVet processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • to identify the client;
  • to prepare an order and/or conclude an agreement;
  • to deliver products and provide services;
  • to advertise and distribute products (i.e. commercial purpose);
  • to carry out customer service;
  • to review and process complaints;
  • to manage payments;
  • to improve the performance of the website.

Personal data processing

4. BaltuVet processes client data using the capabilities of modern technologies, taking into account the existing privacy risks and the organisational, financial and technical resources that are available to BaltuVet.

5. To ensure correct and prompt fulfilment of the obligations undertaken in the agreement of the client, BaltuVet may authorise its partners to perform certain tasks pertaining to delivering products or services (including promotional messages). Performing these tasks, BaltuVet’s partners process the client’s personal data and are considered BaltuVet data processing operators; BaltuVet has the right to transfer the client’s personal data to its partners to the extent that is necessary to fulfil these tasks.

6. BaltuVet’s partners (acting as personal data processing operators) will ensure that the personal data are processed and protected in accordance with the corresponding data processing agreement and applicable law, and will not use the personal data for any purposes other than fulfilling the obligations specified in the agreement with the client, as assigned by BaltuVet.

7. BaltuVet shall not disclose its clients’ personal data to third parties, except in the following cases:

  • if the personal data must be transferred to a third party to complete an order or to fulfil an agreement (e.g. when delivering goods);
  • if the client has given their explicit and unambiguous consent to this;
  • if reasonably requested to do so by persons specified in external regulatory documents, and subject to the scope and procedure specified therein;
  • to protect the legal interests of BaltuVet specified in external regulatory documents.

Personal data shall be stored for as long as:

  • BaltuVet or its client can enforce its legitimate interests in accordance with external regulatory documents;
  • there is a legal obligation to store the data;
  • the client’s consent to the processing of their data is still valid, unless there are other legal grounds for the processing of the data.

Access to personal data and other rights of the client

8. The client may receive the information pertaining to the processing of the client’s personal data specified in legal regulatory documents. The client may verify the accuracy of their data, to correct these data, and to revoke their consent to receive promotional messages.

9. The client may request that the processing of their personal data be discontinued, request information about the purposes for which their data are used, and request that their personal data be sent back to them or a third party in a commonly-used format. In order to avoid malicious use of the client’s data and rights, the corresponding application may only take a form that makes it possible to determine the identity the applicants (i.e. the application must be electronically signed, or submitted personally at BaltuVet). We have the right to reply to such applications within 30 days.

Consent to personal data processing, and the right to revoke it

The client may grant their consent to the processing of their data (where consent constitutes legal grounds, e.g. promotional messages) on the company website,, by phone 80000525, or personally at the BaltuVet office/drugstore, or events organised by BaltuVet.

10. The client is entitled to revoke such consent in the same way as it was granted at any time.

11. Revocation of consent does not affect the data processing carried out when the client’s approval was still in effect.

12. Revocation of consent does not interrupt any data processing carried out on other legal grounds.

Communication with the client and promotional messages

13. BaltuVet will communicate with the client using the contact information specified by the client (phone number, e-mail address).

14. BaltuVet will maintain communication regarding the fulfilment of contractual obligations based on the corresponding orders and/or agreements (e.g. to coordinate delivery times, or provide information about the purchases or billing).

15. BaltuVet will provide information using promotional messages in accordance with the applicable regulatory documents and the client’s consent.

16. The client may grant their consent to the processing of their data (where consent constitutes legal grounds, e.g. promotional messages) on the company website,, by phone 80000525, or personally at the BaltuVet office/drugstore, or events organised by BaltuVet.

17. The client’s consent to receive promotional messages shall be valid until revoked (also after termination of the service agreement). The client may revoke their consent to receiving any further promotional messages at any time.

18. BaltuVet shall desist from sending any promotional messages, as soon as it processes the client’s request to this effect, which may take up to 72 hours.
Website visits and cookies

19. The BaltuVet website uses cookies. For our policy on the use of cookies, visit here

20. The BaltuVet website may contain links to third-party websites, which have their own use and personal data protection regulations, which BaltuVet is not responsible for.


We assume that before using our website, or filling in the agreement to become our loyal client, you have read the principles and provisions of our privacy policy, and accepted them. We reserve the right to amend the main terms and conditions of our privacy policy, informing all of our loyal clients of such amendments. Furthermore, we do all we can to ensure that our privacy policy is always up-to-date, and available to you at our website.

For all questions and problems related to our privacy policy and data processing, or if you would like to stop getting promotional messages from us or completely delete your personal data, please e-mail us at
You have the right to appeal to the Data State Inspectorate or to a court in relation to the protection of your data at any time. The Data State Inspectorate is an official body that you may also contact if you need advice or help related to protecting your personal data.

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