About Us

About BaltuVet

BaltuVet is a 100% Latvian company providing professional and reliable services in all of the Baltic states. Our team is a combination of the industry’s best specialists and young talents who will offer you the latest solutions and professional support in selecting animal care and veterinarian products, farm equipment.


Our mission is to help you find the best solutions that cost you the least, with particular attention paid to animal health and welfare.


Our goal is to help our clients find solutions to problems in their businesses and their farms. Our experience and specialist knowledge makes it possible for us to offer professional and personalised support for each of our clients in the Baltics, regardless of the size and the special features of their businesses.
    Member of BaltuVet Council Vilnis Krauze

Our values

Mutual respect, trust, honesty, continuous development and working towards new achievements, positive and responsible attitude are the values that keep our team together, and strengthen our relations with our partners and clients.

Our philosophy

The health and welfare of animals, and peace of mind for the clients have always been a focus for BaltuVet.
This is why examining each situation individually and providing high-quality customised solutions is a priority for us.

You never stop learning! Our team continuously improves not only the range of products and services we offer, but also its expertise, regularly participating and organising various workshops and training sessions, and following the industry’s news. We believe that this combination of knowledge and experience enables us to tackle the challenges that farms have to deal with.
    BaltuVet Marketing Project Manager Santa Brokhuzena

Scope of our business


BaltuVet’s clients include farms, veterinarians, veterinary clinics and pharmacies.


We offer a full range of products for our client, with feed and feed supplements, vaccines, tools, equipment, disinfectants and toxin binder, up to high-quality molasses, calf feeders and houses, farming equipment etc.

Product selection

The partners that we have chosen to work with are various local and foreign companies that have proven themselves as producers of high-quality products for animal health and care needs. Our product range is already very broad, and we expand it constantly, based on demand and our clients’ needs.

Official representative in the Baltics

We are currently an official representative of the Milk Bar, Tierra Products, Finn-Elox and Fokker brands in the Baltics, of HL Hamburger Leistungsfutter, Olmix, Kanters in Latvia.

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